Wow!!!! Absolutely amazing, Nancy. You have such an amazing way of connecting me every single time you do a meditation! This was a great video series Nancy- you have a true gift in showing us how to find and live in higher vibration! Thank you for all you are doing to Make the World a Better Place!!!
In Love and Light Sonya Barham White

Owner, For the Greater Good

Nancy, amazing video presentation. Love this and would like to stay connected! Maureen M.

Thank you for the opportunity to hear from these experts! I especially appreciate having them all in one place now! Wonderful work!! Sandi C.

Thank you, it was great looked forward to it every day. Laurie J.

For the last 10 months or so I have been enjoying “Law of Attraction” coaching with Nancy Showalter.

The most important think I have learned during this time is that I am empowered.  I am the one responsible for every single thing that “happens” in my life and even more importantly, I can change everything I choose to change.

Nancy is an awesome coach!  I look forward to each and every session.  I always leave the session with a higher vibration than when I started and I always feel more empowered.  Even in those times when I have allowed my vibration to dip, Nancy is always there to remind me that I have control over this and that only I can change it.

I have experienced many positive changes as a result of these coaching sessions with Nancy.  I am better at public speaking and leading in an environment wherein I had previously felt intimidated.  I have learned to easily, and within just a few minutes, raise my vibration from low to high with a few simple processes.  I have become a more effective communicator and I have discovered ways to work with my inner self to solve problems and issues that come up.

I would recommend Nancy Showalter as a coach to anyone who is in need of and/or searching for this level of empowering work.  Nancy has helped to inspire me to continue in my own ongoing work to serve others.


Peggy Napier

Peggy Napier

Truly awesome meditation — thank you SO much. I’ve been practicing meditation for awhile, without much success, but this session was in a different league. Well done! Keep smiling! Mike S.

Dear Nancy, just wanted to say thank you for these beautiful videos! Eva S.

Much appreciation is showered over you with your dedication in bringing this summit to fruition. Splendid my dear! Such a delightful softness emanates from you while you ease into the varied, fresh speakers’ knowledgeable experiences and practice. This was one of the finest summits that I have been graced to be able to attend, walking away with generous thank you gifts, a renewed interest and a palpable shift in perspective. Many blessings! In light and love Kazine Z.