In 2008, I retired from my job as the manager of an inbound call center in the Midwest and my husband and I who have been married for 38 years, reinvented our lives in beautiful Ecuador, South America!  It is from our beautiful, serene home in the mountains that we continue our life’s work of helping others rediscover who they really are and to find meaning and purpose in their lives. Sunset in Cotacachi

I have three wonderful sons and two grandsons who live in the States.  And here in Ecuador, we have chickens, ducks and an adorable cat.

My passion is to help you have your own Spectacular Life Shift where you consciously connect with your inner reality and allow it to emerge and manifest more happiness, abundance and fulfillment in your life so that you can share your gifts and make a greater impact in the world.

From an early age I have pursued Truth and have explored many spiritual paths, including the more recent Wisdom teachings brought forth in the 19th and 20th centuries from the ascended masters. I jokingly say that I was “born with a mission to help people.”100

One early experience in my life stands out for me that has “set the sail” for my life’s work.  While attending grade school and when given the assignment to turn in my three wishes if I could have anything at all, I thought very long and hard to come up with the three things that were most important to me. And this is still my vision today:

  1. All men(persons) would know God
  2. Everyone would have perfect health
  3. There would be peace on earth

I have lived through almost joining a convent as a teenager, a divorce, and my brother’s murder, all of which have taught me important lessons about overcoming and were powerful catalysts in my personal growth.  I have taught Hatha yoga (a discipline learned early that has served me well); have taught leadership skills and self-empowering principles and their practical application in the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America in seminars and conferences; and have supported men and women in one-on-one coaching/counseling. IMG_9977_A

In 1999, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts, something that began many years ago but was put on hold with the birth of my three sons.  Part of my education included the Washington Semester program at American University in the fall of 1998.

There I was—a student older than the professor and in a class of students younger than my own three sons!  Nevertheless, it turned out to be one of the richest experiences of my life. Their vitality and idealism was complemented by my maturity and experience and we all gained incredibly from our time together.

The focus of that semester was on Peace and Conflict Resolution and the semester’s topic was the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For three weeks we traveled to Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and then to Egypt. We met with and interviewed leaders, citizens and students on both sides of the conflict and learned first-hand their problems and hopes and dreams for a peaceful future.

NANCY SHOWALTER is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach.  She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Illinois University in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Peace and Conflict Resolution.   She is the author of Quantum Living: Keys for Transformational Change and Ascent Back to God: Wisdom Teachings for the Journey.